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your Vacation homes.
Delivers fortune at your doors.



How it works

  • Register/Own your Vacation Home

  • We Manage your Vacation Home as Part of Resort

  • We Market and Operate the Resort

  • Both of us Share Revenues

Welcome to
elettaa home@your resort

A unique model... where we Facilitate registration of land in Owners name, development & construction Vacation Home, as per designs, specifications & standards of Ellettaa and we operate, it brings a great opportunity to earn in vacation rentals... both the owners and operators grow based on occupancy levels.. it's a win:win situation.

Great things happen
when best get together.


  • Saathvik Kitchen

    Serving seasonal western ghats produce and local cuisine - using farm fresh picking.

  • Eco Coffee

    Very own responsibly and ethnically grown coffee in western ghats.

  • Pure Dairy

    Products and essential purchases from local communities around the farm.

We procure the following from locals farmers /planters and women self groups



  • Proper fenced boundary for every farm plot

  • Seperate gate for every farm plot

  • Water and irrigation facility

  • Electricity connection

  • Internal roads & pathways

  • Pathway lights

  • Security for the gated farm community

proposed facilities for 1st Phase

Kitchen / Dining

Path Leading to Plots

Plot Info

Admin/ Site Office


Model Villa

Irrigation System

Security / Care Taker



Site Map

It is an an opportunity to create local employment. Local suppliers and transportation operators will gain from this project

This project will pave way for rural youth / woman employment Since we procure natural produces from local farmers /planters & women self groups (Please refer unique amenities section)

It's will help local people to have a job and be on thier lands More

to Build


Responsible living with least carbon footprint. Dwelling and blooming in nature to keep harmony.. Co existing with locals, natural flora n fauna. Eco-friendly Homes delivering the best of everything what nature has to offer

Vedic Paint

Eco-friendly, handmade and Naturally produced. Free from Volatile Organic Compound. Breathable Natural Insulator. Natural Sanitizer. Increases positive energy and cleans indoor pollution.

No Land Movers

Manually land levelling the construction space to retain a no disturbance zone, as per our eco-policy. (no earth movers/jcb will be used in the farm project)